5 Exciting Art Projects to look out for at India Art Fair 2014

5 Exciting Art Projects to look out for at India Art Fair 2014

  • Posted on: January 28, 2014
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The India Art Fair 2014, now in its 6th edition, is commissioning a wide range of Art Projects to be on display in and around the main tents. Artsome selects a few as must-see.

Princess Pea: Dismantles and questions notions of beauty, identity and self-worth perpetuated by a celebrity culture. The bulbous head on a skinny body infuses a kitschy quality to the issues while referencing motifs from Indian temple sculptures to miniature paintings to fashion magazines. This avatar would inhabit a post-box universe for this project.

Bani-Thani-Princess Pea

Princess Pea, ‘Bani Thani- Princess Pea’, 2010, natural pigment on skin.

Riyas Komu: This project would explore Komu’s collecting philosophy with a room that will house his own works from earlier as well as new ones. This will try to locate connections among the works with several political, social and personal contexts.

Riyas Komu

Riyas Komu, ‘Hey, why should everyone look like Mao?’, 2007, oil on canvas.

João Garcia Miguel: This Polish playwright, artist and performer will be painting and performing while on site and put everything up on exhibition immediately, which later will be dismantled, so that a fresh set of paintings and performances can take over the next day.

João Garcia Miguel

João Garcia Miguel, ‘Bruxas santos e esqueletos’.

Anindita Dutta: Her performance project would involve applying wet clay on a spiral structure and then inscribing her drawings on it, after which the performance would unfold. For the main performance, the artist and assistants would engage with the inner surface with their energetic movements, altering and transforming the clay walls, leaving traces of the performance for audience to witness the journey.

AMazing_Anindita Dutta

Anindita Dutta, ‘A Mazing’, 2010. Performance still from a coloured single channel video, Japan.

Seema Kohli: With interaction as the keystone to this project, the audience is invited to strike at the cylindrical metallic tubes and write the already written words on the tubes in a different language or any other visual/textual form. The audience is here made co-artists in this endeavour.

seema kohli

Seema Kohli, ‘Untitled’, mixed media painting on canvas.

India Art Fair 2014 opens on January 30 (Preview) and runs through February 2 in New Delhi. For more visit www.indiaartfair.in.