FIFA and Art: The 2014 World Cup is an Art hotspot

FIFA and Art: The 2014 World Cup is an Art hotspot

  • Posted on: June 27, 2014
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The 2014 FIFA World Cup being hosted in Rio de Janiero, Brazil is taking place on South American land for the first time since 1978, and the fifth time overall. Celebrations therefore are happening on a grand scale, if the Opening Ceremony was any indication.

But with the whole world watching, FIFA has provided artists not just in Brazil, but all around the globe, with an interesting platform to exhibit their art. Be it to support or protest against the torunament, a number of projects and campaigns have caught the paparazzi’s attention.

Artsome brings you the latest in World Cup inspired Art!


Brazil’s streets have been peppered with Graffitti




Artist Paulo Ito‘s graffitti work (below) showing a crying Brazilian child hungry for food being served a football became viral in the days building up to the world cup. The mural was first seen posted on the doors of a schoolhouse in São Paulo’s Pompeia district in Brazil.

Paulo ito

paulo ito1




Hong Kong artist Red Songyi and Coca-Cola pay tribute to the spirit of Football


Brazilian artist Cristiano Siquiera hired by ESPN to make unique team posters

Croatia’s poster shows two excited fans cheering their team players.


Ivory Coast poster features dynamic player and team caption Didier Drogba.

Ivory Coast







Previous year’s trophy holders – Spain.



Indian Football Fanatics respond to the World Cup Fever

Odisha based artist Sudarsan Pattnaik who is reknowned for his sand art made this work (below) on the eve of the first match on 12th June. The work made by the artist at Puri beach, Odisha, India shows the national flags of Brazil and Croatia to mark the opening match. A Padma Shri awardee, Pattnaik told a local newspaper that he had to use 15 tonnes of sand and seven hours time to complete all the sculptures.





Kolkata in West Bengal is known for housing the largest number of football-crazy fans in India. The city folk indulge in FIFA inspired haircuts and building clay models of famous players.





McDonald recruits 12 artists to design World Cup Special French Fry Boxes

McDonald’s Fry Futbol campaign celebrates the game by re-inventing their French Fry packaging with artworks by twelve artists from all over the world.

Apart from Eduardo Kobra from Brazil, Ben Mosley from UK, Hua Tunan from China and Tes One from USA whose works you can view below, other featured artists include: David Spencer, Australia; Mügluck, Canada; Skwak, France; Roman Klonek, Germany; Doppel, Japan; Egor Koshelev, Russia; Adele Bantjes, South Africa and Martin Satí, Spain.




Watch one of the official FryFutbol videos :

Close-ups of designs made by 4 of the 12 artists:

Eduardo Kobra’s work.


Hua Tunan’s work.


Ben Mosley’s work.


Tes One’s work.