Fifteen Unbelievable 3D Artworks from around the Globe

Fifteen Unbelievable 3D Artworks from around the Globe

  • Posted on: April 25, 2014
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Art is all around us. Nowadays, that saying seems to hold true quite literally as artists have brought Art onto the streets and buildings. We’re not talking about Graffitti here, but optical illusions in the form of 3D Art. Creations that are so bizarre that if you don’t look carefully, they might fool you into believing that its real!

This week Artsome picks fifteen of the best 3D Art around the world!

1. 3D street art in China, A woman appears to jump across a yawning chasm in this huge piece of 3D art on a street.


2. Julian Beever, Rescue, to be viewed using an inverting mirror.


3. Manfred Stader, A Fair in cologne. 


4. Street Art in Egypt, Image Courtesy: Street Art Utopia


5. Nikolaj-Arndt, Let’s play?, 2011, Street Art Wilhelmshaven.


6. Kurt Wenner, The Big Salad, Pavement Art, Kraft Good Seasons Floor Graphic.


7. Robot, Cologne, Germany.


8. Nikolaj-Arndt, Crocodiles eat, the picture was painted on canvas or acrylic.


9. Berlin, Germany. Image Courtesy: Street Art Utopia.


10. Juandrés Vera, 2012, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photo by Fredo Reedoo. Image Courtesy: Street Art Utopia.


11. Chalk festival, Sarasota, 2011.


12. In Hossegor Beaches, France. Image Courtesy: Street Art Utopia.


12. Kurt Wenner, Relaxing giant, anamorphic painting.


14. For a snake show in Intratuin Utrecht, a 3D anamorphic cobra coming out of the basket.


15. Kurt Wenner, Bait, Waterloo Station, 2008, first stereoscopic work asphalt painting created with three-dimensional glasses.