Interview || Artsome My Artist My Way Contest Winner

Interview || Artsome My Artist My Way Contest Winner

  • Posted on: August 5, 2015
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Tell us something about Jayeti Bhattacharya, the artist. Some qualities, traits that you would like to share.How did you start your journey into art?

From childhood I was involved in Art but it was in Indian college of Arts and Draftsmanship during my Bachelors program, when I started my journey of art. To be much more specified it was from the time when my teacher, artist, Samindranath Majumder made us think something different from others, from that time, honestly I started to feel what art is and how an important part it plays in our life. My teacher is a huge inspiration of my life. It is through his motivations, knowledge and passion for art that he has imparted within us, my journey into art started from then.


What inspires you to create art? How did you conceptualize your series inspired by Banksy?

It can be anything. Hugeness of nature, our existence, relations to others even ourselves, relations with my land : in some way or the other inspires to create an art form .

My series inspired by Banksy because his works have the power to utter the visual language in a public space and the power to develop private spaces of his own within that public sphere. The social issues, his personal perception towards visuals makes me feel that he is within the images. The powerful satire through his visuals adds another layer to his work. All these inspire me to create some undefined alienated land within my canvas and add the public spaces images drawn by him. I have drawn these lands partly and all these lands are the part of a huge vacuum in which we live. The figures may have added the reflection of our social selves but I felt that these images create a dual essence, the presence of “unknown” and “existence.


Tell us about your process of canvas cutting on canvas. How did you get this idea?

Playing with forms and colours are an important thing that I repeatedly heard from my teachers. It was then I started cutting the random forms of canvas and fixed it on the canvas surface. And from those unidentified form I started developing my work. Gradually some of these forms became representational and some remained in a subtle non-representational way.

How do you know when one of your works is finished?

To be very honest every time I don’t know but yes sometimes I feel that I do not need to do anything more that time I stop doing my work.


Is there an element of art that you enjoy working with the most?

Initially in my Banksy series of work I was playing with images, thick paints which I enjoyed a lot. In my present practice I am using mud collected from my home , visuals of my home , sometimes images of the land from where I have collected the mud, these elements I am loving to use .

Are you working on anything currently?

During my Masters program at Kala Bhavan in Santiniketan, I learnt, how the importance of material we use to make an art becomes an integral part of its context. It was from then, that I started developing my work with the part of land (mud) that I collected from land itself (especially from the places I reside). In this process there is an attempt to create a relation with the place of my existence and the huge outdoor overpowering nature (within which we as social being exist).

Who is your favorite artist/architect and why? Would you say his/her works have influenced your artistic expression?

I cannot name any specific artist as my favourite. From Leonardo Da Vinci to Joseph Beuys to Banksy there are lots of artists who inspire me with different things.

What are your future plans as an artist?

I would like to carry on doing whatever comes to my mind one after the other without any hesitation.

What’s the best thing about being an artist?

To observe things better than others and to see a way of life differently than others.

What’s the worst thing about being an artist?

I do not know…

What reactions/interpretations do you receive from people about your works? Are they the same or different?

I think people would definitely try to interpret my works in different ways. Till now I have received a positive feedback.

Lastly, how do you feel when people interpret your artwork differently?

I like it very much because I don’t want to bind my work with my specified thought only. Let it be unbound.