Large Art: Installations Made in Epic Proportions

Large Art: Installations Made in Epic Proportions

  • Posted on: June 23, 2014
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Installation:  An act of installing or the state of being installed.

When it comes to contemporary art, the definition is not very different from this. An installation work is constructed or compiled for a specific space. And the length and breadth of that space could vary from a corner of a gallery to the entire gallery space or beyond. The last decade has seen a number of works that were both innovative and grandiose.

Explore a selection of massive installation works from around the globe that will make your jaws drop!


Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira makes recycled wood installations which intertwine the exhibition spaces resembling snake-like tree trunks that burst out of walls and ceilings.

A street artist from France, JR created 2,000 portrait posters to commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the Walk for Equality in Lyon, a 500 mile walk protesting police violence and inequality. His goal was “to use art to turn the world inside out.”

‘ The Bay of Lights’ is the world’s largest LED light sculpture, 1.8-miles wide and 500-feet high. 25,000 white LED lights are individually programmed by artist Leo Villareal to illuminate the sky through March 2015.

11 acres wide, ‘Wish’ by Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada is a monumental land-art portrait of a child created on the surface of the earth, in Belfast. Using grass, dirt, and satellite technology, the final piece used 30,000 pegs, 2,000 tons of soil, and 2,000 tons of sand. Image Courtesy: The Artist.

The biggest rubber duck in the world made by Florentijn Hofman is 85 feet tall and weighs in at 1,300 pounds- one out of a whole series made by Hofman, all identically designed yet differently sized.

British artist and designer Alex Chinneck has slid the front off a four-story house in the seaside town of margate in Kent, UK. the original structure had been abandoned for 11 years, and its new face gives the appearance that it just slipped down, onto the ground. Image Courtesy: Stephen O’ Flaherty / courtesy of Alex Chinneck.

Government-funded green energy firm Solyndra made national headlines when it imploded last year. Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello turned 1,400 glass tubes originally owned by the company into an art installation called ‘The SOL Grotto’ at the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden.

Christian Ristow’s humongous installation for the Voodoo Festival- ‘Face Forward’, 2012, is a large metal representation of a human face in which each of the major facial muscles were controlled by a series of levers 30 feet in front of the face, so that festival goers could manually change the expressions.

Elise Morin’s large-scale installation gracing the entrance hall of the Art Paris Art Fair 2013 called “Fossil 1990” resembles a shape like a dinosaur or tortoise at rest, made of hundreds of small circles or drums. The drums are actually embroidery frames and their tops are made of plastic bags. Image Courtesy: Isabelle Doal.

A massive dragon skull appeared on the shore of the jurassic coast in Dorset, a locale, which has historically yielded numerous real dinosaur fossils. Installaion stands over 3m tall and extends some 12m along the length of Charmouth beach. image Courtesy: Taylor Herring

“Boat” is a colossal, walk-in installation composed of bamboo, cotton and 8,000 sheets of rice paper. Chinese artist, Zhu Jinshi constructed a complex layered installtion of overlapping sheets of the xuan medium that forms an almost complete, 12-meter, suspended cylinder. Image Courtesy: Designboom.

Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji has filled a gallery space in Tokyo with 50,000 recycled multicolored toys. This large-scale installation at 3331 Arts Chiyoda was made using old toys that were left over from the artist’s own toy exchange program.

A 100-ton stainless steal bean called ‘ Cloud-gate’ made by Indian born British Artist Anish Kapoor, it is located in the center of Chicago’s Millennium Park. The massive stainless steel sculpture, supposedly inspired by liquid mercury, reflects a warped alternative of the Chicago cityscape in its seamless refection.

Dutch artist, Henk Hofstra made giant three dimensional installtion called ‘ Art Eggcident’ in Leeuwarden, Netherlands in 2010. The piece was made up of several 100 ft wide sunny side up eggs and was on display for the next 6 months.

Tadashi Kawamata’s extraordinary installation entitled Chairs for Abu Dhabi consists of hundreds of chairs – mostly vintage and recycled – stacked on top of one another like a giant hollow mountain of seats. Unlike other structures of its kind, this one was designed to be used as a meeting spot for attendees of Abu Dhabi’s fourth annual art fair.