Top Ten Artworks at the India Art Fair 2014

Top Ten Artworks at the India Art Fair 2014

  • Posted on: February 10, 2014
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Did you miss the 6th India Art Fair last weekend? Artsome brings you the Top Ten artworks that caught our eye. Spread across 91 booths with both international and national galleries exhibiting their works, artists experimenting with multiple mediums was the norm this year.

1.  Hamra Abbas – Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai

As part of his Idols series, Pakistani artist Hamra Abbas makes tiny sculptures of heads. These are inspired by people he has photographed during his daily encounters like street vendors, handy-men and taxi-drivers.  The prints at the fair had a universal appeal that drew in experienced collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

 2.  Shilpa Gupta, Untitled, 2013 – Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai

An Untitled work, Shilpa Gupta’s installation created an audio visual experience for its viewers by combining a singing microphone and a photograph of a traffic signal. The hustle and bustle of cars, a faint song echoing across the area from a loudspeaker and other noises recreated the familiarity of being stuck in traffic on a busy street.

Shilpa Gupta


3.  Subodh Gupta, Title, 2014 – Nature Morte, New Delhi

Together with his ubiquitous works with utensils which have become a regular feature at every art fair, this year Subodh Gupta exhibited a series of ‘Mini Subodh’s’ at Nature Morte and GALLERYSKE. This particular one shows the top view of a plate inviting the onlooker to finish the meal.


4.  Anoli Perera, ‘Silent Sitters’, Chair Series 1 – Shrine Empire, New Delhi

Sri Lankan artist Anoli Perera’s ‘Silent Sitters’ speaks volumes about social roles through the seemingly generic example of an armchair. Perera uses photographs ensconced in glass balls to represent ‘memories’ in this piece.


5.  Sheba Chhachhi, Solo Project ‘The Mermaid’s Mirror’ – Volte Gallery, Mumbai

The Mermaid’s Mirror is an installation of hand-fashioned toy televisions found on Delhi streets and set on pedestals arranged in a spiral inside a dark room. Famous Indian actress Meena Kumari flashes across these tiny screens, replacing their original function of displaying gods and goddesses for religious worship.  Chhachhi uses black-and-white hand-tinted stills from films starring the actress.

6.  Jitish Kallat,, Circadian Rhyme 2, 2013 – Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai

Kallat’s work which was also showcased at Art Stage Singapore 2014’s India Platform in the beginning of this year is a piece titled Circadian Rhyme 2.  The installation displays a set of 24 miniature figurines arranged in pairs where one person is shown frisking another.


7.  Remen Chopra – M K Search Art, Italy

A Delhi based artist, Remen Chopra’s multi-layered works are inspired by film and cinema. This particular work was exhibited by an Italian gallery MK Search Art at the fair.


8.  William Kentridge, NO,  IT IS, 2012 – Volte Gallery, Mumbai

Volte Gallery had a number of captivating artworks including William Kentridge’s video installation called NO, IT IS. Three screens were placed together showing a book flipping through its pages at breakneck speed with cartoon drawings superimposed on them.


9.  Based Upon, ‘Stillness Speaks’- Volte Gallery

A brilliant work by Based Upon studio from London, titled ‘Stillness Speaks’ comprises of three frames devoted to portraying the Islamic tradition of appreciating the divine beauty of God’s creation without representing it figuratively. The artists have used aluminium for the center piece, since they strongly believe in casting directly from nature or by working with natural processes to “…allow beauty to emerge as God wills it.”


10.  Mohammed Kazem, My neighbours – 1 x 1 Art Gallery, Dubai

The presence of neighbors is most strongly felt when they air out their laundry. Mohammed Kazem, an Emirati artist depicts this theme wonderfully through a series of 14 photographs.