Top Ten murals at St.Art Delhi 2014

Top Ten murals at St.Art Delhi 2014

  • Posted on: February 21, 2014
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The month long St.Art Festival in Delhi is aimed at bringing together national and international street artists. Spearheaded by creative Director Hanif Qureshi, the streets are ablaze with colorful explosions around every corner in Shahpurjat, Khirki Village and Hauz Khas Village.

Artsome selects the top ten murals worth seeing.


1. You dont mess with me- Woman Power, Sergio Cordeiro’s first mural for St.Art at Shahpurjat village. Image Courtesy: The Artist.




2. An unidentified street artist’s work on the wall of a house in Shahpurjat locality, Image courtesy: St.Art Delhi.




3.  A life size mural of Mahatma Gandhi at the Delhi Police Headquarters, made by Indian painter Anpu Varkey and German street artist Hendrik Beikirch, who uses the street name ECB, 150 x 38 ft. Image Courtesy: Meeta Ahlawat.




4. Polish graphic artist Mariusz War or M-City paints Tanks in Hauz Khas Village, Image courtesy: St.Art Delhi.



5. Indian graffitti artist Harsh Raman’s work, Shahpurjat. Image courtesy: TheFilmyOwl.



6. Bird watching in the concrete jungle, Artist Ruchin Soni’s work in Shahpurjat, Image Courtesy: Neha Gupta.




7.  Mayajaal, made by TOFU and Harsh Raman at Hauz Khas Apartments. Image Courtesy: St.Art Delhi.



8. Hamburg based stencilartist TONA’s work at Shahpurjat. Image courtesy: St.Art Delhi.



9. Taiwanese artist ANO’s mural on the wall of a public toilet, Shahpurjat Village. Image courtesy: St.Art Delhi. 5



10.  German graffiti artist BOND’s mural inside a classroom in Shahpurjat. Image Courtesy: Enrico Fabian and Wall Street Journal.




For more information visit St.Art Delhi’s Facebook page and official website